Vivienne Wong is Melbourne based furniture maker and designer who uses a combination of modern and traditional woodworking skills. Each piece is carefully handcrafted here in Melbourne, with a strong focus on creating pieces of furniture that strike the fine balance between elegant design and functionality.  
With a background in the performing arts, Vivienne spent 14 years as dancer at the Australian Ballet company. A career change was inevitable and though furniture making didn't seem the most obvious path it actually made a lot of sense.
From dance and into to woodcraft Vivienne found a medium that was still creative, tactile, visual and physical. For Vivienne crafting furniture was the perfect fit and the perfect transition.

snow gum tree, Australian native tree
With a strong focus on sustainably sourced timber and Australian native timbers where possible we work towards making timeless pieces of furniture. Creating pieces that last, moving towards more sustainable way of living, buying and producing.
For each piece of furniture made a 2% donation will be made to a carbon neutral organisation to help the replanting of native tree species that support the natural ecosystems and wildlife found here in Australia. 
With every cut there is a conscious effort to reduce waste and where possible our offcuts will be used for one off homewares like chopping boards, planters and picture frames.
We focus on timeless design, high functionality and lasting quality.
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